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Drafting of STEMS2 Unit Plan (Week 14b)

Community Partner:  Kamala Anthony at Honokea, Duration 3-4 weeks, learning journeys spread out over the course of the unit to allow for classroom reinforcement and assessment days (not sure what assessments are yet)
Unit Design: Water Stewardship - 'Aina Connections  - Place: Loko I'a Honokea, Keaukaha
Learning Journey 1: Wahi Pana: Getting to Know Place - focus on cultural aspects of the place, what is a loko i'a, ahupua'a, protocol, mo'olelo
Learning Journey 2: Bio Blitz: Species of Honokea - learn the species of plants and animals at Honokea
Learning Journey 3: Ecosystems: Abiotic Characteristics - water quality and current research
Learning Journey 4: Engineering and Design: Analyzing engineering through a Hawaiian cultural lens
Learning Journey 5: Wrap-up
Fishing Day? optional
Above is the original design that I had planned earlier in the semester that would be spread out over 3-4 …

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